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Moringa Dried Leaf Powder Capsules

Moringa Dried Leaf Powder Capsules

Brand: Pride of the Meadows
Product Code: Moringa Dried Leaf Powder Capsules
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Price: US$16.00

Pride of the Meadows
Conference, St. Andrew
Grenada, West Indies
(473) 442-6175, 457-7049

30 Day Supply

Organic Moringa Oleifera Dietary Supplements is a 100% all natural organic vegetable capsule made with only the finest ingredients and absolutely no artificial colors or flavors.

The Moringa oleifera tree or “Miracle” Moringa tree as it is often referred is native to India. Incorporating one 500mg Moringa Oleifera Supplement has extensive and abundant health benefits that are unmatched by any other - Moringa Oleifera Supplements contain more Iron than spinach, more Calcium than milk, more Vitamin C than oranges, more Potassium than bananas, and more Beta Carotene and Fiber than carrots. Our supplements are designed for easy absorption and digestion in the body.

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